CDL Training – Learn about the different types of truck driver training programs.

CDL Training is the first step you take to start your new career as a professional tractor-trailer truck driver. Congratulations and good luck!

Drivers CDL Staffing is committed to helping you start a successful truck driving career. Our website is designed specifically to help you learn about the different types of truck driver training programs, how they work and what it takes to become a tractor trailer truck driver.

**Important** These articles are a must read if you are thinking about attending a CDL Training Program. It’s imperative that you know the difference.Take the time and read, don’t make a mistake, this is your career!

We will explain the difference between:

  • company paid cdl training programs
  • company sponsored cdl training programs
  • private truck driving schools
  • Learn the other ways to get your CDL License

We offer:

  • cdl refresher courses
  • experienced truck driver’s  job placement
  •  recent cdl school graduates job placement      

You can learn how to get your cdl permit and license on your own. Let us assist you in finding the right training program and employer for you!  We can help jump-start your truck driving career by finding the right training program for you.

Timing is everything, now is the time to become a truck driver, even with a bad economy there is a huge shortage of truck drivers. Companies are battling to find qualified drivers.  Many of these carriers are currently offering an in house cdl training programs, just to get enough drivers to fill their trucks.

Job security and income are very good for truck drivers. Where else can you get an education and certification in for 4 weeks, have your tuition paid, get a diploma and be guaranteed a job upon graduation? Wow! That’s tough to beat.

Our website is loaded with tons of free information on cdl training to help you get prepared for a truck driving career. We will guide you through the whole process and make it hassle free. We will do all the hard work and you will reap the benefits. We will make getting your cdl license a breeze.

Applying for a truck-driving job and getting a cdl license can be stressful. Our free information and services offered make the process a breeze!

We provide you the critical information needed to make positive career changing decisions and successfully complete the application process. Please feel free to browse through our website for additional information.

For Your Information

Definition of CDL Training:  The teaching of how to operate a commercial motor vehicle. An example is learning how to drive a tractor-trailer truck (eighteen- wheeler).

Definition of a CDL Class A Drivers License:  A CDL Class A Drivers License is a specific type of license that authorizes a driver to operate a tractor-trailer truck.

Definition of a Tractor-Trailer Truck:  A combination vehicle that includes a tractor (truck) that pulls a trailer. The truck is a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that is used to transport consumer goods, cargo  heavy equipment and other items. To qualify for a CDL Class A License you are required to take a written knowledge and a driving road skills test. Truck driver training programs help you get prepared to get your CDL License.

Definition of Company Paid CDL Training:  Company Paid CDL Training is when a trucking company pays for your tuition cost upfront and in exchange you agree to become a company driver. Company Paid and Company Sponsored training are basically the same thing.

Definition of Company Sponsored CDL Training:  Company Sponsored CDL Training is when a trucking company (sponsors) pays the tuition cost for a newly hired CDL truck driver trainee (student) to attend an in house CDL training program.

Definition of free CDL Training – All I can say, there ain’t no free lunch unless you qualify for a rare government grant for (Class A) CDL training. If you find one that is really free, please let me know.